Atascosa  Urgent Care Medical Clinic

Pleasanton Texas now has Urgent Care

We are located in Pleasanton, Texas and are the first Urgent Care Clinic to open in Atascosa County.
Serving Pleasanton, Jourdanton, Poteet and the surrounding communities.

Urgent care is a fast and convenient way to get medical care when you need it.
Many people in Pleasanton, Jourdanton and Poteet may have difficulty seeing a physician without an appointment.  As an Urgent Care Clinic there is no need to make an appointment.  Walk ins are always accepted and the way an urgent care clinic functions.  As an urgent care clinic we are designed to give medical care in a a clinic setting, fast and when you need it without an appointment.  Many medical clinics require appointments but for medical care in an urgent care clinic just walk in and recieve your medical care when you need it.  We perform X-rays and diagnostic blood work in the clinic so results are immediate.  We are prepared to care for illnesses and minor injuries.  These include but are not limited to coughs, colds, fevers, urinary tract infections, asthma, allergies, earaches, sorethroats, lacerations requiring sutures, abrasions, sprains, contusions, initial fracture care, dislocations, animal bites, insect stings, abscesses and skin infections.  We are capable of performing blood tests, x-rays, tests for strept throat, mononucleosis, pregnancy tests and urine tests.  If you have questions feel free to call us at (830) 569-0095.

1020 Bensdale Suite A
Pleasanton, Texas 78064

Phone: (830) 569-0095

Clinic Hours:   


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We are conveniently located at the corner of Bensdale and Bryant at the traffic light.  For those of you who are familiar with Pleasanton, we are just next to the entrance to the Pleasanton Primary School and the entrance to the Pleasanton Sports Complex and Swimming Pool. 

Atascosa Urgent Care Medical Clinic
Atascosa Urgent Care Medical Clinic1020 Bensdale Suite A
Pleasanton, Texas 78064
(830) 569-0095

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